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How to Stay Motivated On Your Weight Loss Diet


Staying healthy and losing weight may sound easy but it’s a hard task to achieve. You need to give your time and effort to stay healthy and temptations are everywhere.


Sometimes all the hard work you sacrifice will not give you the result you wanted. Emotional and physical stress can add to your frustration making you want to give up.


The road towards long term weight loss is extensive but when you are able to stay on track and keep yourself motivated, you will eventually see the real result of your hard work. The key is to keep yourself on track and here are some tips on how to stay motivated:


Create Realistic Goals


Normally our frustration with weight loss stems from unrealistic goals and expectations.  Constant disappointment often leads to the feeling of giving up.


Set small yet attainable goals such as eating vegetables and fruits or losing 1 pound weekly. The sense of achievement will boost your self esteem and keep you moving forward.


Start Slow


Excitement is great but weight loss is a long process because it involves change of lifestyle as well as adopting new ones. Your body cannot adapt change immediately and you need to start slow.


Losing weight slowly is the secret to a lasting result. Avoid diet fads because it only add stress to your body and gain weight eventually.


Expects Disappointments


Temptations are everywhere and expecting failures are part of realistic expectations. When you fail to keep your diet, do not splurge.


There’s a big difference in eating a cup of sundae and eating the whole box of ice cream.


Giving the “I ate one cup of ice cream so I better eat the whole box” excuse is nonsense and unrealistic.


Find a Partner


Support system is important part of your success. Going against the mainstream can make you want to give up easily but having a fitness partner can help you stay on track.


Two is better than one because your partner can remind you to focus on what is important and encourage you when you feel like giving up. The determination of your fitness buddy will also inspire you to do better and lose weight more.


Treat Yourself


Diet and workout is hard work. After a tough week, reward yourself with something pleasurable yet healthy. Choose small rewards that are not food related such as buying new running shoes, workout attire or gadgets. 


You can also reward yourself when you have achieved your weekly weight loss. Reward system will motivate you to move forward and condition the mind to be positive with dieting and workouts.




To persevere means to continue despite the difficulty with your weight loss program. One of the dreaded parts of weight loss is plateau. When your weight will not decrease despite the correct meals, sufficient exercises and discipline, this is called the plateau.


Many people tend to get upset but the right attitude would be to congratulate yourself because this is part of successful weight loss. All you need to do is find ways to jumpstart your weight loss program.


Push yourself more through exercise and meal planning. Change your diet recipes and find more interesting workout programs that you can use to boost your weight loss plan.


Let Go of Perfection


When it comes to effective weight loss, you need to let go of perfectionism because it will only backfire you. For example, if you ate an excess of 500 calories and see it as failure, then you will fail.


But if you see it as excess calories only, then you will adjust and not over think it. Strive to perfection will make us over think and this is not a healthy mental attitude.

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